Why Real Estate Also Needs Pest Inspections

A factor which plays an important role in ratifying the health and safety standard of a real estate is its vulnerability to pests.An infestation can easily harm the reputation of a real estate and have a long term negative impact on its profitability.

Real estate property management firms must implement a few measures to prevent any kind of infestation on the premises of a commercial property.Here are a few additional measures to help prevent infestations.


Regular sanitation

Regular cleaning of the entire premise is required to maintain the hygiene of the property. Trained staff should be recruited to look after the cleanliness of the property and a sound trash disposal process should be implemented. Ensuring thorough maintenance of the sewage system also helps in preventing an infestation of any kind.

Inspection of inventory

Warehouses and storage areas are locations which are most likely to house pests like insects and rodents. Regular inspection must be done to check any kind of spillage, packaging failure or product expiry. If the commercial property receives any supply of raw materials, the consignments must be carefully inspected for pests before being received.

Damage Control

Some pests might take shelter and raise colonies within the cracks and fissures of the property. Thus, it ought to be a mandatory real estate property management service to conduct regular scrutiny of the building to locate and repair any physical damage.


Landscaping and beautification of the exterior reduces the chances of an infestation of pests which burrow in the ground. Regular trimming of the grass and foliage not only enhances the aesthetics of the property, but also helps keep potential pest infestations in check.


Most pests tend to thrive in the dark. Thus, lighting up the premise might provide a solution for pest control to some extent. Again, the lights should also be covered with pest proof shields to prevent the growth of pests which are attracted to the light.

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