Types of Testing Covered in Home Inspection

Buying and investing in a house is quite a big decision. It is a great investment, which requires a lot of thought. Certain aspects are to be considered when investing in a property. Home inspection is essential to check whether the house is safe to live in. It is of paramount importance that you have the house inspected before buying it. Complete home inspection is carried out once you sign the contract. Get in touch with a reliable provider for the best home inspection services. Mentioned below are some of the different types of home inspections services available:

Home maintenance inspection

home-maintenanceThis inspection is highly recommended after every two to three years. It is observed that not many homeowners take this type of inspection on a serious note. The main aim of home maintenance inspection is to help in maintaining the home so that it is hygienic. This way, you and your family members can live in a healthy environment and prevent disease. The chances of you falling ill and paying visits to doctor, who charges exorbitant amount, is reduced. This further helps in using the equity for varied aspects like for a vacation, to buy your favorite new car, or maybe for your next property investment.

Mold testing

Mold and moisture damage are common problems faced by every homeowner. It can be quite difficult to get rid of them. It is wise that you opt for professional mold testing undertaken by a team of experts. Samples are taken via tape in order to know the type of mold that is present and the concentration level. A reliable company offers the best mold testing using the latest equipment and techniques.

Radon testing

Presence of radon is also other common problem faced by homeowners. It is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. It can cause a lot of health problems and even cancer. It is wise to know that radon cannot be tasted, smelt, or seen. Radon is produced when there is a breakdown of uranium in rock, soil, and water. Radon testing is carried out to know whether your family is prone to radon infection or not. A reliable inspection company makes use of Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM) for effective radon testing. With this, accurate and hourly reading of the radon levels is possible. You will receive an email within 24 hours of radon testing.

Termite testing

termite-testingWith the help of termite testing, which is done on the exteriors of the house, you get to know whether your house has any termites or not. A professional will also inspect the interiors of the house like garage, door, window frames, basement and more. The testing mainly comprise of probing, sounding, tapping, and inspecting thoroughly.

Apart from this, a reliable company offers other types of home inspections. Home inspection is highly recommended if you are planning to purchase a house. You surely do not want to end up buying the wrong house and waste your hard-earned money. You do not have to worry much about the home inspection rates as these services are quite reasonably priced.

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